Alteya Notification Letter

Alteya Notification Letter

29/06/2017 bình luận

To Whom It May Concern,

Alteya Organics, a multiple award-winning all-organic beauty company, has entered an exclusive partnership with Natulife in Vietnam for the distribution of company’s full range of certified organic retail skin care and personal care products on the territory of the country.

Natulife is the exclusive distributor for the Alteya products, and we request that all unauthorized distributors or resellers of Alteya products cease sales of such products. Additionally, we request that all such resellers refer to Natulife Vietnam to discuss reselling opportunities directly with them and to confirm terms, if Natulife decides to initiate such partnerships.

Alteya Organics reserves the right to involve our local and international legal teams to resolve any situations of unofficial Alteya Organics sales on the territory of Vietnam and impose abnd pursue financial compensations for such unauthorized occurrences.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns or contact Natulife for Vietnam wholesale program registration.

Best regards.

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Daniel Kolev

Managing Partner

Alteya Organics


Huy Phan


Natulife Ltd.


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